Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I Would Have Loved You, Mom ... I Think

I have been seeing a lot of posts on Facebook lately. Beautiful, touching posts about loving and missing mothers who have passed on.

Remembering our mothers is not merely beautiful, it is right and it sooths the soul. But I humbly offer this: if you have memories of your mother - no matter the nature of those memories, whether good or otherwise - be eternally grateful for them! Be grateful you have memories - yes, even if they be unpleasant ones.

Good, bad or indifferent - you were blessed. You were given the opportunity to know your mother. Some of us were not so blessed. Some of us yearn for a memory of sitting at a kitchen table sharing endless cups of coffee and hours upon hours of conversation with our mothers.

I do not say this to make anyone feel guilty or bad. Nor do I want anyone to feel badly for me. My birth mother has always been with me, near me, guiding me. Her love, her presence, is very real to me. I just never knew her. Not in this lifetime.


Fuff said...

Your mum has made you the strong, honest, decent and very admirable person that you are.

Crunchy Green Mom - Suzanne B. said...

Even without those memories, you are an amazing mother. Good job at writing as often as you do!!

Eternally Curious said...

Fuff: Me thinks you give me way too much credit, but my heartfelt thanks to you nonetheless!

Suzanne: Truly? Awwwww ... thanks so much! Again, way too much credit me thinks - but still means an awful lot. And you, too, are an amazing Mom! I struggle with my little troupe, but how on earth does one manage Momhood to 7, and still keep one's sanity?!!?!!

Middle Child said...

I cannot imagine my life without my gentle and happy mother 0 at times we were inside each others' heads it was amazing. I thought I would die from grief when she died 1993 but I didn't - your birth mother if still alive will be there for you when you both pass on to whatever is waiting for us there - she would never have stopped wondering and thinking about you - and one day you will find each other