Sunday, January 23, 2011

Our Journey

I am an elderly single working mom to a teenage boy. It was my choice that I am single & I do not regret my choice. I needed to protect myself & my son. Still in all single-mom hood to a teenage boy is challenging and tough. And rewarding. My son and I are yet again at a transition point. My son is teaching me how to let go, loosen the reigns and let him go fully into his own life, his own identity. It is at once awesome and scary, for both of us. We are both thankful we have wonderful friends willing to journey with us!


Anonymous said...

Excuse? 'Elderly'?? Since when??? (Feeling like 'death warmed over' after a hard week is NOT 'elderly', kiddo! Hang in there!!!)

As always - safe journeys for both of you.

Middle Child said...

Letting go of your kids is so hard. ours left home at 17 - and it was so hard - I cried a lot....but they came back and went again and came back and now have homes of their own hours away - but we are best frineds - really they are my very best friends and love me for who i am - so in the end it all pans out - slightly different with a son - but you will know what to do as it comes along just remember the post you did on common sense!