Sunday, January 02, 2011

What Do I Want to Accomplish in 2011?

So the daily blogging continues - day 2 (so far so good!).

For those days when we come up blank for something to write about, there is a daily suggestion list. Since I'm blank most days, I'm taking advantage of that for today's entry!

Today's topic is "My 2011 To-Do List" - what would I like to accomplish this year? What are the places I want to visit in 2011? What do I hope to check off my bucket list in 2011?

2009 was all about major mouth and bone reconstruction surgeries (and accompanying pain and financial chaos) for me. While still working full time (little to no time off) and raising my (now) teen-aged son -- and carrying on with the myriad other day-to-day activities of maintaining a household and a life.

The year and half before that was all about seeing my son through corneal transplant surgery and a full year of healing and battling multiple rejection threats.

My son and I haven't had a proper vacation since (I believe) 2006 or 2007. So I'd like to make a proper, full-out, vacation for my son and me a top priority in 2011. Since all financial resources are totally maxed out for the next 3 years due to the surgeries - this will indeed be a feat of distinction if I can pull it off!

Next: all my "newspaper" horoscopes keep telling me things in my professional life are about to take off BIG time. Major changes, increased responsibility and visibility, increased leadership opportunities, and most important at all, greatly increased earnings. Fingers crossed, but I have to admit to some skepticism when I look at the economic situation we all are (and have been) in. Nonetheless, hopeful!

As to a bucket list - I don't have one! Maybe time to start one? Hmmmm.....!

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Anonymous said...

Fishing... Local lake and rivers... Back to the woods and cabin. Lots of mini-breaks from the familiarity of home. City-slumming. El Cheapo skiing (you get to watch Number One Son and rub your aching knees)...

Remember - Solo Moms are Inventive and Ingenious, particularly when strapped for cash.