Wednesday, July 13, 2011

On the Nature of Misery

I am currently coming out of a rather lengthy angry phase, and I am so relieved!   High time, I say!  
Anger is not integral to my nature. 
Some might say Life has given me more than enough reasons to be and stay forever angry - or seriously depressed, or something.  The fact that I generally am not is my strength, for which I am eternally grateful!  So yeah, when the occasional spell of anger (or sadness, or depression, or anything similar) hits, I am all too happy to celebrate its demise and help kick its butt right out the door!
I’ve never fully understood people whose integral natures are far gloomier or combative.  I have tried.  Please don’t misunderstand.  I understand fully well when a chemical imbalance or some other natural disease is the root cause.  And I have much empathy for these people as I know the huge hurdles they and their loved ones are up against:  first finding someone gifted enough to happen upon the right diagnosis, and then finding the right balance of medication / therapy - all just to regain some semblance of a balanced and peaceful spirit.  What an unimaginable yet very real nightmare for them and those who love them! 
But I am not talking about them.  It is those who seem to prefer conflict, anger, confrontation, rejection – in short, those who prefer to be miserable – that I can neither understand nor relate to.   Whenever these types pop into my life, I invariably end up walking away from them before very long.  I simply refuse to allow them in my life. 
What are some of your thoughts on this topic?  


Middle Child said...

This sounds so much - too much like my sister - one of them - she sucks energy - is always down and I dread having to phone her. So sad to think my lovely mum and dad had five of us and three are nightmares in adult life - Don't know any answer - it just is - take care

Eternally Curious said...

Yup - you and I both know them, don't we MC? I do accept it, just have never been able to understand it, and certainly refuse to allow them to stay in my life. Life's just too damn short...